Scientific Partners

With the help of our network of strategic alliance partners we can address all aspects of technology and we can expedite commercial development. These partners cover technical developments, clinical aspects, regulatory and scientific aspects.

National Center for EpidemiologyOEK

The National Center for Epidemiology and the National Public Health and Medical Officer Service are the Hungarian authorities responsible for national infection control, educational programs, hospital monitoring and disinfectant clearance. HandInScan has been cooperating with them for long, most recently being involved at a multi-modal hand hygiene assessment study at the Ferenc Jahn Hospital. (Similar initiatives are underway with other regional national health authorities.)

Clinical collaborators

HandInScan has been installed and prototyped with the active contribution of numerous medical people at various institutions. Primary partners are:

Budapest University of Technology and EconomicsBME_logo

BME  is a prestigious institute of technology, where the project started. BME submitted the original patent on objective hand hygiene control. The company was incubated at the DEMOLA innovation labs of BME until eearly 2016. At next, manufacturing will be arranged through established BME partners. Further chemical modifications in the hand rub materials and dyes for better performance are also planned to be researched in-house.

The point of contact (POC) is László BACSA, MBA, director of BME Technology and Knowledge Transfer Office. He represents the university and supports the business development, company founding, IP protection and administrative duties of the project.

Austrian Center for Medical Innovation and Technology

The ACMIT innovation center is in official scientific partnership with BME. ACMIT was founded in April 2010, to form an organization platform to be a leading European research institution for innovative medical technologies with special focus on “Integrated Systems for Minimally Invasive Procedures”. ACMIT and its partners’ competence include electronic, mechanical design, manufacturing, that is heavily used during the development of HandInScan.

POC: Dr. Gernot KRONREIF, Chief Scientific Officer.

Hôpitaux Universitaires de Genève


HUG, a 2200-bed tertiary care center hosts a state-of-the-art infection control program with several experts (Drs. Pittet, Harbarth, Sax and Zingg) who have generated groundbreaking innovation in the field of infection control, investigation of antimicrobial resistance and hand hygiene in particular. Furthermore, HUG is the WHO coordination center for patient safety, the dedicated center for the Swiss national prevalence studies and the Swiss national hand hygiene campaigns. The Hand-in-Scan team has initiated a joint research project with HUG, focusing on the microbiological validation of the Hand-in-Scan device through large-scale laboratory studies, and scheduled evidence-based validation of the WHO protocol/EN norm alcoholic hand rubbing technique.

POC: Prof. Didier PITTET, inventor of alcohol-based hand rubs.