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We have moved our hand hygiene blog to another location. Our new site will give the chance to comment our posts and search older posts easier. We hope that these changes will bring us closer.

Risk Factors for Healthcare-Associated Infections


A recently published article, Rodríguez-Acelas et al. 2017, systematically reviewed the scientific literature, and identified risk factors for healthcare-associated infections (HAI) in hospitalized patients. What factors are proved to increase significantly the risk of HAI? Read more

Flu and Hand Hygiene


One hundred years ago, in 1918, an influenza pandemic broke out. The so-called Spanish flu killed 20-50 million people, many more than the First Ward War that ended the same year [1]. Could it happen again? What can we do to avoid it? What is the role of hand hygiene in this story? Read more

European-Wide Infection Control Training and Certification: How Far Is It?


Preventing healthcare-associated infections is the responsibility of everyone in a hospital. Nevertheless, infection prevention and control activities need to be organized by competent experts [1]. Many reports claim a shortage of qualified infection control doctors and nurses [2]. What does “qualified” actually means?

Read more

Fire Hazard by ABHR


Can alcohol-based handrub (ABHR) cause fire? May it happen? How common is it? What shall we do to avoid it? Read more

Wrong Hand Hygiene Practice


Recently we discussed why healthcare-workers (HCW) should not wear rings, watches, long-, polished-, or artificial nails during patient care. Are these suggestions well known among HCW and patients? Read more

Season’s Greetings with All Good Wishes!


Thank you for your commitment to improve patient safety through hand hygiene. On behalf of the HandInScan team, we wish you happy holidays and a prosperous new year! Stay with us in 2018! Read more

Hand Hygiene and Nails


Can healthcare-workers (HCW) wear artificial nails at work? Can they use nail polish? How long their nails should be? What do guidelines say, and what are the scientific evidences? Read more

What Do the National Patient Safety Goals Say About Hand Hygiene?


The Joint Commission’s (JC) National Patient Safety Goals, what are effective from 2018 January are available now. What does the document say about hand hygiene? Read more