First day @ ICPIC

The 2nd ICPIC conference attracted a large crowd again from all over the world. Infection Control Specialists and patient safety experts came to present and share their experience. The conference started with plenaries on two burning topics:

  1. SPECIAL LECTURES: SARS – the new corona-virus and H7N9 featured a set of talks summarizing the amazing global effort that lead  to  the the break of SARS, and  others called  direct correlation of hand hygiene and patient safety. The  most  entertaining  presentation came from prof. Wing Hong Seto, from  whom  we could learn how to change the infection control practice to fight SARS, based on the Hong Kong experience.
  2. KEYNOTE LECTURES: Patient safety – from the Didier Pittet’s lecture, we could learn how do people „dance” the  individual  steps of hand disinfection  worldwide. Thanks to a movie, we could travel through the all the continents and see how people  learn the steps of hand rubbing in America, Europe, Asia and Australia. There  was just Africa missing from the list. The question was whether they  can  not perform hand disinfection or they can not dance? In the end we had possibility to see how people do it in Africa.

An opening reception followed the evening program. This all seems to be a great beginning for an ICPIC!