Gábor Dénes award for Hand-in-Scan CEO

Today, Tamás Haidegger, the leader of the Hand-in-Scan team, received the prestigious Dennis Gabor award in the Parliament of Hungary.

The NOVOFER Foundation’s Board of Trustees for the technical and intellectual property, generally calls for applications in every three years. Young scientific researchers under the age of 35 are encouraged to apply, who already have a PhD, and reached significant results in the fields inspired by Dennis Gabor’s work (applied physics, engineering research, informatics), or applying the research achievements of scientific disciplines (e.g. in the field of medical science).

The International Dennis Gabor Award is intended to stimulate young professionals to achieve outstanding academic results, and to encourage and promote cooperation among researchers of different nationalities.

The award is a 130 mm diameter and 700 grams silver medallion of Dennis Gabor’s hologram portrait, and includes a monetary prize as well giving from the Board of Trustees to a Hungarian and a foreign nationality young researcher proposed by the International Awards Committee. The plaque is designed by dr. Paul Greguss and Michael Fritz.