Hand-in-Scan @ Innotrends Hungary 2013

The  Innotrends  Hungary 2013 international conference and exhibition was organized by of the National Innovation Office to stimulate Hungarian research, development and innovation in the national economy, to support the development of the domestic start-up ecosystem, and to promote the networking of the business sector.

During the plenary session of the international conference domestic and EU decision and policy-makers, leaders of companies with considerable innovative activity and representatives of prestigious academic workshops discussed the development trends of European innovation policy, the conditions of the new financial-planning period, the social reception of the recently adopted Hungarian national RDI strategy as well as the challenges for large corporations interested in knowledge-intensive industries.The exhibition was an excellent opportunity for Hungarian RDI companies to showcase their products and services in front of an audience which is highly interested in research, development and innovation.

The new Hand-in-Scan device debuted in Hungary at InnoTrends. We thank all visitors for the praises and the supporting comments, and looking forward to seeing you next in Geneva at ICPIC!