Hand-in-Scan winner @ Dutch V4 Startup competition

We are proud to announce that Hand-in-Scan received the Best New Startup from Hungary award at the V4 Startup competition in the Netherlands today.
50 startups applied for the competition from the Visegrad Group (Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia), and one from each country received a prize. Hand-in-Scan was represented by Adrienn Ujfalusi, who received a vast majority of the jury’s votes.

About Hand-in-Scan

The Hungarian startup developed an innovative device, named Hand-in-Scan, to monitor the hand sanitization technique of health care and biotech workers. The goal of the team is to validate and commercialize their system which can analyze directly and objectively the hand disinfection of healthcare professionals. The idea is to apply a UV-dye enabled hand sanitizer, in combination with digital image analysis to gain objective information about individual hand washing techniques. The system is able to give real time feedback from the quality of hand washing based on pictures taken from each hand. The spin-off from the Budapest University of Technology and Economics (BME) has been working with the Semmelweis University and the Austrian Center for Medical Innovation and Technology (ACMIT) for over 4 years and receive seed investment from DBH Investment Group.

About the V4 Startup Contest

V4 is an alliance of four countries in Central Europe—Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia. The V4 Group encompasses sizable and growing market of 65 million people. Over the past 6 years annual economic growth reached 2.5% compared to 0.5% for the rest of the EU (source: Eurostat). The region features increasingly competitive market environment and attractive growth opportunities in the EU. V4 Startup competition in Rotterdam is a networking and information platform showcasing innovative startups and other investment opportunities from the dynamic sectors of V4. It introduce to prospective partners and investors the entrepreneurial culture and hidden potential of young growth-oriented companies.