Opening of the Hand-in-Scan Blog – Welcome message

Dear  Visitors,  Hand-in-Scan Blog  is  the  newest  manifestation  of our commitment  to “Crack-down on Healthcare-Associated Infections”. Our engineering team has long been shocked and puzzled by the global incompetence to effectively tackle nosocomial infections.  In  the  past  three years, we have devoted our knowledge to  develop  a system able to support the fight against HAI. We aim  to join WHO and the major professional organizations (CDC, ECDC, APIC,  ICPIC,  etc.) in identifying and promoting best practices in infection control. This  blog  is  a  community  effort  to  disseminate  verified  HAI preventions  methods, ground-breaking scientific results and reports from  the  battlefield.  Hope you will find it useful, and will also contribute  to  it  by  sharing  your  experience,  ideas  and  best practices.
Keep safe, keep your hands clean!