Semmelweis Conference

We are exhibiting at the Second Semmelweis Conference on Hospital Hygiene and Patient Safety. Come visit us, have a small talk, try the #SemmelweisScanner and WIN a one-month free trial!

Kids learn more about hand hygiene with HandInScan

All preventable infections can be avoided, thus healthcare, food processing and biotech production should be safer and more efficient. Not only we are trying to help these industries to operate more effectively, but our goal is to educate professionals and teach the importance of hand hygiene to more people. In the pursuit of this we believe it’s never too early to learn more about prevention and proper hand washing, so we designed an awareness program for kindergartens to teach children to protect themselves from infections and how to perform proper hand washing.

Semmelweis Scanner kindergarten

On this occasion, our team visited Apple Tree Kindergarten. Apple Tree Kindergarten and Nursery is an international kindergarten that provides high quality English language education and care for children aged 16 months to 6 years in the heart of Budapest in a multicultural environment.

Through different stories, kids were able to learn in creative ways the major causes of infections, possible places they can collect germs and tips for avoiding threats such as proper hand washing. It’s fascinating to see how quickly they can understand the information shared if it taught the right way. With the help of their Kindergarten teachers they could really take it as a game. You can top it all off when you have a smart device for them to learn from such as the Semmelweis Scanner. After having understood the most critical issues around hand hygiene, it was not surprising that their excitement level just increased when they were able to try a machine that controls hand transmitted infections. They found it fun to insert their hands into the scanner and receive results on the the screen.  It turned out they all did a great job and their work was of course well compensated by useful presents from HandInScan.

We hope they will share the skills and knowledge they learned among their friends and family members.

Medica 2016

We are exhibiting at Medica Traidfair (14-17 November). Come to visit us at booth #16 C19.