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Semmelweis System

Continuous & Objective Hand Hygiene Quality Management
for reducing health-care associated infections and related cost

Semmelweis System is present in more than 23 hospitals worldwide

Semmelweis System provides a comprehensive solution

Improves hand hygiene technique

Supports hand hygiene commitment

Can help manage risks by statistical analysis and automatization

Empowers communication towards hospital management and departments

Can be modularly built-up at reasonable expenses

Supports outbreak management

Continuous Monitoring & Reporting

Hand Hygiene Training

Patient Empowerment

The System objectively monitors the quality of hand hygiene and generates statistically reliable data for health-care workers and for the management. It precisely identifies best practices and improvement needs. Objective and effortless hand hygiene training lead to better implementation and acceptance. Evidence-based infection prevention enables on-time planning for resources and actions of the infection control team. Empowering patients and visitors with hand hygiene knowledge helps preventing the spread of infections and outbreaks. Objective visual feedback fosters behavioral change in hand hygiene.

How to benefit from using the Semmelweis System?


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