Semmelweis Conference Quiz


Quiz Rules and Data Privacy Policy


The Semmelweis Quiz prize game is organized by HandInscan Zrt. Only registered participants of Semmelweis CEE Conference 2019 can participate in the game, HandInscan Zrt’s employees are excluded. Applying for the prize game can be done by filling out the quiz (3 questions plus the applicant’s personal data) and handing it over to a HandInScan representative during the Semmelweis CEE Conference 2019, latest by 15.00 on March 13, 2019 at the HandInScan stand. The application is registered on a special form, signed by both the HandInScan representative and the applicant.

There is only one prize in this game – called the main prize – which is a 2-week trial of the Semmelweis Hand Hygiene Solution (Semmelweis Scanner+Reporting System (cloud-based)). HandInScan Zrt. shall cover shipment costs and provide the necessary amount of ABHR (Semmelweis Training Rub or Semmelweis Training Gel) related to the trial.

The winner will be drawn on March 13, 2019, 15:15 at the Semmelweis CEE Conference 2019, at the HandInScan stand, opposite the Hamlet Hall entrance. The winner of the 2-week trial will be announced by HandInScan Zrt. right after the draw and will be notified in a written statement within 3 business days, using the contact details the winner has provided on the quiz. If HandInScan Zrt. fails to contact the winner or the winner refuses to take over the prize, HandInScan Zrt. draws a new winner and informs them in the manner detailed above.

By completing the quiz, the participant of the prize game agrees that the personal data provided on the quiz will be handled by HandInScan Zrt and its representatives dealing with the prize game. The personal data will not be made available to third parties by HandInScan Zrt. and will be deleted from its database at any time upon request, upon completion of the game, in accordance with current legislation (GDPR rules).

HandInScan’s general data privacy policy is available by clicking here.