Ways to prevent HAI

Many infection prevention and control measures, such as appropriate hand hygiene and the correct application of basic precautions during invasive procedures, are simple and low-cost, but require staff accountability and behavioral change.

  • Identifying local determinants of the HAI burden;
  • Improving reporting and surveillance systems at the national level;
  • Ensuring minimum requirements in terms of facilities and dedicated resources available for HAI surveillance at the institutional level, including microbiology laboratories’ capacity;
  • Ensuring that core components for infection control are in place at the national and health-care setting levels;
  • Implementing standard precautions, particularly best hand hygiene practices at the bedside;
  • Improving staff education and accountability;
  • Conducting research to adapt and validate surveillance protocols based on the reality of developing countries;
  • Conducting research on the potential involvement of patients and their families in HAI reporting and control.

Source: WHO.