Hand-in-Scan @ ICPIC

We have had multiple roles at ICPIC this year. The Hand-in-Scan objective hand hygiene assessment device received the grand prize at the 1st ICPIC Innovation Academy in July 2011.With the professional and financial support of the award and the committee, the team has successfully negotiated a venture capital investment, to develop the market-ready version of the prior prototype. In the meanwhile, the ICPIC fund enabled the team to continue its prototype development, leading to better technical solutions, while becoming an integrated part of the Semmelweis University’s MD program in Budapest.
This year, we were invited to the 2nd Innovation Academy to share our experience.

As presented, we believe that there is a huge potential in teaching hand hygiene in a new way, and we want to be at the forefront of it. This blog is also part of our community-building efforts. Besides, we had a table set up next to the main auditorium where people could stop by and see the Hand-in-Scan for real! We got a lot of public interest, so hope to advance with the professional relations. Last but not  least,  we also had a regular talk at the scientific track,  reporting  on  the  measurements we have conducted with our initial users, such as Semmelweis Univeristy and the National University Hospital in Singapore.

The results: it is extremely important to teach people on the proper technique, and on how to maintain it!