Last day of ICPIC 2013

Even the very last day of the conference brought interesting materials, including the “Latest results from European research”. Successful implementation of the World Health Organization hand hygiene improvement strategy in a teaching hospital, China Multimodal hand hygiene improvement strategy is feasible and effective in a big teaching hospital in developing country. Leadership’s support of the program and the active participation of staff is the key factor in helping to make the program a true success. The WHO multimodal inventions work in improving compliance and reducing healthcare associated infections.

Further insights to Asia were given via the “Impact of the implementation of the who hand hygiene promotion strategy in the Hong Kong pilot”. The WHO HH promotion strategy, using an action research approach, is successful with sustained compliance and continuous reduction in MRSA bloodstream infection rates.

Another great talk was on “The impact of a multi-faceted approach on the reduction of peripheral line-associated MRSA bloodstream infections in a high endemic setting”.
are essentially preventable. We consider multidisciplinary strategies such as root cause analysis (RCA) and continuous audits of Peripheral Venous Catheters (PVC) insertion/ maintenance with real time feedback and corrective action to have contributed most to the success.

And also, “6 years of national German hand hygiene campaign-where do we come from and where are we heading to?” – Hospitals participating in the campaign have to implement a multimodal intervention program. The increase of alcohol based hand rub consumption (AHC) and observed compliance show, that the multimodal intervention program based on the WHO strategy led to improved HH compliance.

Also we had the pleasure to see the Innovation Academy 2013 Finals, which took place on Friday, featuring the presentations and designation of the best ICPIC 2013 Innovation Academy award candidates. These were chosen through a rigorous procedure first shortlisting the submissions and the poster presentations, then selecting from the 16 best based on their pitches the day before.