Monitoring & Control

Challenge: Objectively evaluate hand hygiene technique.

Solution: Direct, immediate feedback by the Semmelweis Scanner improved hand hygiene technique.


Even in high-class hospitals, the chance of contacting healthcare-associated infections (HAI) is still unacceptably high globally (7%+), however, this number can be significantly reduced with proper hand hygiene. Peer reviewed studies showed that 28% of the medical staff fails to perform proper hand disinfection, despite the ongoing educational programs [L. Szilagyi et al.: „A large-scale assessment of hand hygiene quality and the effectiveness of the WHO 6-steps,” BMC Infectious Diseases, 2013. DOI: 10.1186/1471-2334-13-249). Prevention starts with good practice: Semmelweis Scanner is an innovative device that is able to provide immediate quality-assured feedback on hand hygiene.

Semmelweis Scanner can effectively teach and control hand rubbing by providing objective feedback based on digital imaging technology. Such presentation of personal results is essential for proper improvement of skills and technique. With its online reporting system, the Semmelweis Scanner helps to significantly improve hand hygiene practices. The scanner is a great example how technology can induce a positive behavioral change.


The Semmelweis Scanner is powered by the innovative HandInScan technology, which was tested in several hospitals. The failure rate (percentage of participants performed inadequate hand rubbing) dropped significantly while using the Semmelweis Scanner for immediate feedback. Failure rate was reduced significantly, from 42% to 13% after the 5th measurement (see Figure) [A. Lehotsky et al.: Conclusive Results of a Multi-Center Hand Hygiene Technique Assessment Study, Proc. of the 16th Congress of the Intl. Federation of Infection Control (IFIC), Vienna, P32, 2016].